EVITA.J delivers flowers to all Melbourne suburbs from Monday to Sunday. Most of the suburb within 10km of 5 Gerda St Scoresby 3179 Melbourne are free delivery. For rest of Melbourne suburbs please enter the delivery address in the check out page and delivery fee will be calculated accordingly. If your locations is not listed, feel free to email us at flowersevita@gmail.com and enquire as we can generally organise out of zone deliveries for an extra courier fee.

Below are our daily Melbourne delivery fees please select the following in the check out page:

0 - 10 km From Scoresby 3179 Melbourne $0 Free Same Day Delivery

10 - 20 km From Scoresby 3179 Melbourne $10 Same Day Delivery

20 - 30 km From Scoresby 3179 Melbourne $20 Same Day Delivery

30 - 40 km From Scoresby 3179 Melbourne $30 Same Day Delivery

40 - 50 km From Scoresby 3179 Melbourne $40 Same Day Delivery

50 - 55 km From Scoresby 3179 Melbourne $50 Same Day Delivery

GEELONG $50 Same Day Delivery

We do not use google map to calculate the distance which is not acquire, we use straight distant KM from Scoresby 3179 Melbourne by :


When and where do you deliver?

We deliver from Monday to Sunday a radius of around 55km from Melbourne Scoresby 3179

We deliver to businesses, hospitals, schools etc, as well as residential addresses.

Business addresses will receive their orders from 9am - 3pm, and residential addresses from 9am - 3pm. Sender need to let us know in the order that the delivery location is a business address or let us know by email after placing the order so the driver will priories to deliver the business address first. If any case we did not received the business address, the EVITA.J will not be held responsible for late delivery time.

If in any case with the wrong email, number, overseas number or similar case, the EVITA.J will not be held responsible of failing receive the tracking, but sender can email us or live chat with us and we will provide the tracking detail.

What if no one is home or work to receive the gift?

If the recipient is not home or unavailable we will endeavor to find a safe spot to leave the bunch until they return. If this is a likely scenario, please leave instructions on the order page to ensure we can deliver the flower to the recipient directly, or an alternative option.

If the recipient is not at work, unavailable or in any case the work place does not accept the delivery, we will notify the sender on the tracking and the order will be returned to our warehouse, if a re-delivery is needed depend on the suburb a minimum $10 need to be paid for the re-delivery. Re-delivery and claim need to be within 48 hour after the product has been shipped, the flower will be discarded re-delivery is no longer available and order is closed after 48 hour.

For all inquiries please email flowersevita@gmail.com

EVITA.J is a business registered in Melbourne, VIC, Australia ABN 74794037207